Confident Schools Confident Parents

Confident Schools - Confident ParentsDurham County Council was one of the Local Authorities involved in the Lamb Inquiry which looked at parental confidence in Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision. The Durham ‘Lamb’ Project involved a group of parents, head teachers, SEN coordinators and local authority staff working together. This resulted in a series of booklets to support SEN in County Durham. This is called the Confident Schools – Confident Parents Resource Pack and includes:

  • A School Confidence Audit
  • Developing a Set of Standards for Communicating with Parents
  • A School Information Pack (for parents)

This is a pack of information which schools can give to parents when their child is identified as having a special educational need (SEN).

  • How to Hold Person Centred Reviews
  • Indicative Provision Guidance

This is a reference guide for teachers with information about levels and types of provision for children and young people with varying degrees of SEN.

  • Provision Management Toolkit
  • Funding and Meeting Special Educational Needs  and Disabilities
  • A-Z Directory of Services
  • Glossary of Special Educational Needs Terms

Focus Groups

The Making Changes Together Information Focus Group adapted the Indicative Provision Guidance to produce information leaflets for parents/carers. These are also being used by professionals and helping parents and teachers with their discussions about the help for their child.  The leaflets provide examples of the help and support available at each stage.  The range of leaflets are:

As well as parents being heavily involved in the development of the resource pack, their experiences were recorded and formed part of the training for schools. School staff highlighted this as the most “powerful and lasting message” from the training. You can view some of the parents stories as seen in the training here. (link to parent stories DVD?)