Formatting text and content on the website

Pasting in content from Word and other applications

It is important to remove all of the formatting from text before pasting it into the website editor to ensure consistency and correct displaying.

When pasting first click on the Paste as text button on the toolbar as shown below.

There’s also a Clear formatting (eraser) button to the right of it which can be used on highlighted text to remove all formatting but retain hyperlinks.

Now, to structure your post/page, use the pre-defined website styles from the drop-down box as shown below.

The remainder of this page shows what each of these will look like when viewing the website normally.

Sub title within the page (Heading 2)

A description of the person should go here in the Caption field.

Normal paragraph text here. It’s best to always keep these left aligned rather than centered or right aligned.

Smaller title (Heading 3)

Normal paragraph text here.

  • Bulleted
  • List
  • Example
  • Bulleted
  • List
  • Example

Smaller heading (Heading 4)

  1. A numbered list
  2. Of things
  3. Goes here
  4. A numbered list
  5. Of things
  6. Goes here

“Example of a quote from someone important.”