News: Mobilise virtual Carer support pilot in County Durham

Mobilise are a national online business led by carers, for carers.

They provide weekly email of carers’ top tips, community support and a space to connect with people in similar position & have been funded by Durham County Council to do a pilot until March 2024 in County Durham.

They offer –
• Online chat support (8am- 10pm; 7 days a week) so busy or working carers can get support when needed.
• Virtual cuppa sessions
• A long list of online guides
• A fabulous blog / articles
• Videos
• Virtual help and support

They provide light touch, preventative engagement using channels most carers are already using e.g. email and social media. They can also connect carers so they can support each other.

They work alongside Durham County Carers support freeing them up to do more face to face, complex case work or carers assessments.

The local authority has had some amazing feedback so have a look at their website and sign up to their weekly newsletter.

Posted on: 7th November 2023