Event: Make a difference to the EHCP feedback process. GET INVOLVED & HAVE YOUR SAY!

Date: Friday 18th June 2021
Time: Various dates and times- See post
Venue: Via Zoom

The local area are looking at the opportunities parents and young people have to give feedback when going through the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process. Currently there is an online form but this isn’t usually filled in, it used to be a paper survey but that also rarely got filled in and returned also. 

We are looking for some parents to be involved in an online zoom session to tell us their views on the areas below. This is to get better knowledge/feedback which will improve the systems for parents and young people. Creating a better experience when going through the EHCP process.

We hope the zoom sessions will take place week commencing 14th June 2021. We plan to do 3 separate sessions – 1 on a morning, 1 in an afternoon and 1 on an evening to give everyone the chance to have their say. Amy will be replying to all emails with the zoom links.

Dates and times of the zoom meetings areMonday 14th June at  1pm , Thursday 17th June at 7pm or Friday 18th June  at 10am.

When do you want to be asked for your feedback?


  • At the start
  • At the end
  • At start and end
  • At week 6 when panel meets
  • After the MAM ( Multi-Agency meeting)
  • Other

How would you like to be asked?


  • Paper form
  • Email
  • Online form
  • Text
  • Speak to someone
  • All of the above!

Who would you like to ask you?


  • Caseworker – (remember caseworker doesn’t get involved until after week 6)
  • Someone else involved in the process
  • Someone not involved in the process

What do you want to be asked / what do you want to tell us?


  • Think about questions important to you
  • What do you want to tell us?
  • What do you think we should know?

How can we tell you, what we have done with your feedback?


  • Publish on local offer
  • Publish elsewhere
  • Through MCT
  • Other

* If you would like to be involved in making a difference please send us your name and email address to our email address – info@mctdurham.co.uk or message our Facebook page HERE

Posted on: 25th May 2021